Application Support

Applying for medicine courses at university can be overwhelming. Below, we’ve listed some useful resources to help you with the application process .


Visit our dedicated Doctors career page to decide which areas of medicine to pursue.

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Taking the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT)

The Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing  provide a number of useful resources and information sheets to help you pass you BMAT exam

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Taking the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT)

Provide a number of useful resources and information sheets to help you pass you UCAT exam

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medical schools council

Essential Resources for Medical Applicants

The Medical Schools Council provide a number of useful resources and information sheets to help Medical Applicants

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Virtual Work Experience

The Brighton and Sussex Medical School virtual work experience  is a must do  for anyone wanting to apply for Medical School.

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Interview Preparation Support

An interview for a place at medical school may be daunting. With practice, you can feel confident in providing answers and securing your place. See some resources below to help. support you with the interview, and give you the best chance of studying medicine at university.

Royal College of Surgeons

Interview Support and Techniques

Medic Mind

Interview tips and university selection support

The Aspiring Medic

Free application and Interview support guides

What grades do I need to apply for Medical School?

Medical School

A Level typical offer and subjects required

GCSE Requirements

Admissions Test Requirements

Interview and Personal Statement Requirements



A Levels must include Chemistry and one from Biology / Human Biology, Maths or Physics achieved at the same time.

Grade 5 (C) in English and Maths and combination of grades 6–9, emphasis on science subjects. Biology and Physics recommended.


UCAT scores are considered in our selection for interview alongside actual and predicted academic achievement. A minimum UCAT cut-off score is NOT used.

Interview format: MMI

Personal statement is reviewed prior to interview for evidence of preparation for medicine.

The personal statement is not scored but is assessed at interview.

Anglia Ruskin


A Levels must include Chemistry or Biology and one of either Biology, Chemistry, Maths or Physics, with passes in practical elements General Studies and Critical Thinking not accepted. A Level resit grades at AAA will be accepted taken within two academic years prior to the time of application.

A minimum of 5 passes at grades 9-6 (A*-B) or equivalent required including Mathematics, English Language and two science subjects.


Applicants will be ranked by their UCAT score and a certain number will be invited to an Interview Day, provided they meet our main academic entry requirements.

Applicants with an SJT score of Band 4 (lowest band) will not be invited for interview for September 2019 entry onwards.

Interview format: MMI

The personal statement is examined during the interview, looking to understand the candidate’s motivation to study medicine, their appreciation of the role and responsibilities of being a doctor, as well as evidence of any work experience undertaken to support the application.



A Levels must include Chemistry and Biology with a pass in the practical elements.

5 GCSEs grade B/6 or above, must include English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology or Double Science (or overseas equivalent).


The UCAT will be considered alongside other required qualifications. No further information given

Interview format: MMI

Personal statements are read in conjunction with the reference but are not scored.

Personal statements may be used to differentiate between borderline candidates.

Barts (Queen Mary University)


Must include Chemistry or Biology and a second science subject (Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Maths).

Any third A level can be taken except for Further Maths, General Studies or Critical Thinking.

777666 (AAABBB) in to include Biology (or Human Biology), Chemistry, English Language, and Maths (or Additional Maths or Statistics).


School-leavers/gap-year students are ranked with a 50:50 weighting of UCAT score and academic ability as measured by UCAS tariff.

Candidates achieving a total UCAT score below the third decile are rejected.

SJT score may form part of assessment at interview.

Interview format: Traditional interview

Personal statements are assessed in interview shortlisting, but not scored.

They are used in the interview process for panellists to ask about work experience.



Must include Biology and Chemistry.

Applicants must be predicted AAB.

Minimum of grade B in science, English and Maths


An application score is calculated based on GCSE and UCAT results as well as contextual factors.

A total of seven GCSE results are scored, including English, maths and science. The contextual element is described below.

For more information see Calculator(link is external)

Home: Score allocated based on ranking the total of the scores for the four subtests. No cutoff. Scores are ranked into deciles.

International: We rank the total score in order to define a threshold. The result for the Situational Judgement Test contributes to the scoring at the interview stage.

Interview format: MMI

Personal statement is not scored. It is expected that the statement provides evidence of commitment to study medicine.

Brighton and Sussex


A Levels must include Biology and Chemistry.General Studies or Critical Thinking not accepted.

Maths and English at grade 6 (B)


BMAT cut-off 16.1 for 2019 entry.

Section one: a score of at least 3 or higher

Section two: a score of at least 3 or higher

Section three: a score of at least 2.5 C or higher

Interview format: MMI

The personal statement is not used in any part of the selection process



A Levels must include Chemistry and either Biology, Physics or Maths.

Minimum of grade A on Maths and grade C in English Language.


All subtests, except SJT, are considered with other academic qualifications.

UCAT cut-off for interview was 2730 in 2019, though this changes every year.

Interview format: MMI

This is not assessed, but may be used to differentiate between applicants who have achieved the same UCAT score.



A levels must include Biology and Chemistry.

Not specified Neither MCAT or BMAT required”We hold numerous selection events during each admissions cycle. Selection Day is when we interview candidates using Multiple Mini Interviews. Our decision to make an offer is based on how well the candidates do at Selection. Please note that we do not require UKCAT or BMAT”

Interview format: MMI

The medical school may consider all the information provided within a candidate’s application including academic qualifications, personal statement and references before a final decision is made to interview or offer a place on the course.



A levels must include Chemistry and at least one of Biology, Physics, Maths.

Some colleges require three of above subjects.

No specific requirements.


No pass mark.

Each college uses the BMAT differently.

Refer to college website for specific guidance.

Interview format: Traditional interview

Personal statement is reviewed prior to interview but not scored



A Levels must include Chemistry and Biology.Critical Thinking, General Studies and Further Maths are not accepted.Welsh Baccalaureate accepted in place of third A Level.

9 GCSE’s including Maths and English Language grade 6 (B), 66 (BB) in Double Science, or 66 (BB) in Biology and Chemistry.


UCAT (GAMSAT for graduates).

No minimum threshold for UCAT.

Interview format: MMI

Evidence is sought for insight into a career in medicine, experience and reflection of personal responsibility, experience and reflection in a caring environment, a balanced approach to life, self-directed learning and a sense of social awareness, in addition to positive referee’s comments.



A Levels must include Chemistry and another science, achieved in one sitting.

Not specified


There is no minimum cut-off score.

Must be taken in year of application, unless exempt as no test centre in applicant’s country.

Interview format: MMI

The personal statement is used at the interview stage

Edge Hill


A Levels must include Biology and Chemistry, with passes in the practical elements.While Biology and Chemistry are both required at grade A or above, where Grade A* is achieved in either Biology or Chemistry, the third A Level subject will be accepted at Grade B or above.General Studies, Critical Reasoning, Citizenship and Key Skills will not be accepted.

5 subjects at grade 6 (B) or above (or equivalent) at the time of application, including Biology, Chemistry, English Language and Maths.

GCSE Double Science Awards at grades 6-6 or B-B or above will also be accepted in lieu of separate GCSEs in Biology and Chemistry.


Applicants who meet the minimum academic criteria will be ranked according to their UCAT scores.

Applicants who meet the UCAT threshold will be invited to interview

Any candidate scoring within band 4 in the Situational Judgement Test will be automatically rejected.

The UCAT threshold will be extended for candidates who meet specific widening participation criteria.

Interview format: MMI

Personal statement is not routinely used in selection for interview and offer.

May be used to differentiate between candidates if there are ties in ranking at cut points/thresholds for interview or selection, and to check for predicted grades or clarification of qualifications studied.



A Levels must include Chemistry and one of Biology/ Human Biology, Maths and Physics.

Only one of Mathematics or Further Mathematics will be considered.

Biology, Chemistry, English, Maths at grade 6 (B).

Double Award combined sciences or equivalent at grade 6,6 (BB) may replace GCSE grades in sciences.

Additional Applied Science and Applied Science are not accepted.


Accepts all UCAT scores and has no minimum requirement. Considers the Situational Judgement section of the UCAT test separately.

Applicants with Band 4 in the Situational Judgement Test will not be considered for entry.

Scores are ranked, students are divided into deciles and allocate a score (including for situational judgement banding).

The points are then added to your academic score to contribute towards your final ranking for shortlisting and possible invitation to one of our Assessment Days.  The total score an applicant achieved may be looked at again when final decisions are made and there are applicants with the same ranked score and limited places left to offer.

Interview format: Assessment day

Personal qualities and skills

Evidence of career exploration prior to application

Non-academic achievements and interests



A Levels must include Biology and Chemistry

Minimum grade 4 (C) in English Language and Maths


UCAT required for direct school leavers.

Applications are sorted according to academic profile and UCAT results in order to decide which applicants will receive an interview offer.

GAMSAT required for applicants who took their A Levels more than 2 full academic years previously.

Interview format: MMI

The personal statement is evaluated for details regarding mitigating circumstances.

The statement is not ranked or scored as part of the selection process.



A Levels must include Chemistry and one of Maths, Physics or Biology.

If Biology is not studied at A2 level, it must have been taken at AS level and a grade A is required.

General Studies, Critical Thinking and Global Perspectives & Research are not accepted.

English at Grade B (6)


Interviews are allocated accordingly by UCAT score for those that meet all other screening aspects.

SJT section of the UCAT test will not be taken into consideration for entry in 2020.

Interview format: Traditional interview

Reviewed prior to interview but not scored

Hull York


A Levels must include Biology and Chemistry, with a pass in the science practicals.

Third A Level subject cannot be General Studies, Applied Science, Citizenship or Critical Thinking.

They do not consider Maths and Further Maths, or Biology and Human Biology, as distinct subjects.

Six Grade A* – C (9 – 4) including GCSE English Language and Maths at grade B (6).


Candidates with band 4 SJT are rejected.

Candidates meeting academic requirements are ranked based on top 8 GCSE grades, UCAT, SJT, and contextual factors and invited to interview.

40% weight placed on UCAT when inviting candidates to interview.

Interview format: MMI

The personal statement is screened before offer but not scored.

All available information, including the personal statement, may be used when assessing applicants who are borderline at selection for offer or selection for interview.



A* required in either Chemistry or Biology.General Studies and Critical Thinking not accepted.

Grade B in English Language or equivalent qualification.


Invitations to interview based on performance in all three sections of BMAT AND content of UCAS application.

BMAT cut-off used: Minimum requirements for interview included a minimum score in each of the BMAT sections 1, 2 and 3 and a minimum sum of scores across sections 1 and 2.

Interview format: MMI

Evidence of motivation to study medicine, understanding of medicine as a career, community activities, leadership qualities, ability to work in a team and general interests.



A Levels must be completed within a two-year period, including Chemistry or Biology plus a second science (Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Further Maths, Maths, Physics, Psychology, Statistics) and a third academic subject.Only one from Maths, Further Maths and Statistics considered.Passes required in Science A Level practical elements.A Levels in General Studies, Citizenship and Critical Thinking are not accepted.

Minimum five subjects at grade 7 (A).

English Language (including speaking and listening endorsement), Maths and either combined sciences/dual award or three separate sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics) must have been passed at a minimum of 6 (B).


UCAT: Home/EU applicants,  Applicants with a total UCAT score < 2280 or SJT Band 4 will not be considered, Applicants not ranked on UCAT scores

BMAT: International applicants

GAMSAT: Graduate applicants that do not fulfil minimum requirements

Interview format: MMI

Not assessed!

May be used at interview to discuss relevant experiences.

Roles & Responsibilities Form required for Home/EU students by a specified deadline.

Used to select applicants for interview.

Kent and Medway


A Levels must include Chemistry or Biology, plus one of Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Psychology or Physics.General Studies and Critical Thinking not accepted.

5 subjects at grades 9–6 (A*–B) including English Language and Maths plus Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Double Science and another subject.


Application of a ‘generous’ UCAT threshold to initially assess applications.

Interview format: MMI

Not used as a primary method for selecting applicants for interview, although may be used to differentiate applicants who are holding the same qualifications and have the same UCAT scores.

May be discussed at station in MMI.

King’s College London


A Levels must include Chemistry and Biology.

Passes in practical element required in science subjects.

Grade 6/B in both English Language and Mathematics required.


No threshold UCAT score in any particular year.

The overall UCAT score averaged across the four subtests is given more consideration than the individual subtest scores in shortlisting for interview.

SJT is also considered when shortlisting.

Interview format: MMI

Personal statements are used as part of the interview shortlisting process.

They are not able to consider applicants whose personal statements are not focused on Medicine.



A Levels must include any two of Biology, Chemistry or Psychology.The three subjects must be taken in one sitting after two years of study.AAB offer given if a 4th A Level or EPQ is offered.

A score of 13 points from the best eight GCSEs attained by the end of year 11 (where 7+ or A*/A equals 2 points; 6 or B equals 1 point).

GCSEs must include the following subjects at grade B/6: Core and Additional Science (or Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), English Language, and Mathematics.

If Biology or Chemistry is not studied at A-level, then GCSE must be at least grade A/7.


Once GCSE and/or A-Level requirements are met, students are ranked on overall BMAT score.

Calculated by adding together the scores from Sections 1, 2 and 3

Cut-off score usually below BMAT average, around 10.5

Interview format: MMI

Not assessed but may be used as part of the interview.



A Levels must include Chemistry or Biology.

Physics or Maths must also be offered if Chemistry is not taken.

Six subjects at minimum grade 5 (B) including English Language, Maths, Double/Additional Science or Chemistry and Biology.

This is a minimum entrance requirement and the majority of applicants will have qualifications well above this standard.


Only contributes 5% to interview selection criteria.

Applicants are ranked into BMAT quintiles – no cut-off used.

GCSEs and A Level prediction make up remaining weight

Interview format: MMI

Not formally scored, but it is essential that applicants take this opportunity to demonstrate their motivation and enthusiasm to study.



A Levels must include Chemistry or Biology, with one of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology or Maths.

A*AB offered if an A is achieved in Chemistry or Biology.

Excludes General Studies, Citizenship Studies or Critical Thinking.

Grade B or 6 in English Language, Mathematics, and two sciences (either Chemistry and Biology or Science and Additional Science).


50% of the pre-interview scoring system. Applicants scoring in the bottom two deciles of that year’s results are rejected.

Applicants with SJT band 4 are typically rejected.

Interview format: MMI

Not routinely read although they can be used in a borderline or tiebreaker situation



A Levels must include Biology and Chemistry, with a pass in science practical tests.

The third A can be in any subject except Citizenship Studies, Critical Thinking, General Studies and global perspectives.

A pass is required in science practical tests.

Six subjects at grade 7 (A) with grade 6 (B) in English Language.

Must include Biology, Chemistry and Physics as either individual subjects, triple science or double science + Maths.

GCSE resits are not accepted.


Points awarded for both the UCAT and GCSE’s.

Points awarded for each section of the UCAT + SJT.

Lincoln is less competitive, the points required to receive an interview are lower than Nottingham.

Interview format: MMI

The personal statement is read but not scored.



A Levels must include Chemistry, together with either Biology, Physics or Mathematics and a third academic subject.

Nine subjects scored. A score of 15 points from the nine including core and additional science (or Biology, Chemistry and Physics), English Language and Maths. In scoring system A*= 3 points, A/8/7 = 2 points; B grade/6 = 1 point.


UCAT for non-graduates.

GCSE scores and UCAT scores will be used to generate a score for applications for interview, weighted 3:1 in favour of academics over UCAT.

Competitive score ~2400.

GAMSAT for graduates

Interview format: MMI

Personal statement will not be used in making the decision to invite to interview but will be assessed at interview.



A Levels must include Chemistry or Biology/Human Biology, a second science from Chemistry; Biology or Human Biology; Physics; Psychology, Maths or Further Maths).

Offer will not accept combinations of very similar subjects, for example, Biology and Human Biology or Maths and Further Maths together.

Seven subjects at grade 7 (A).

English Language, Maths + two science subjects are required at grade 6 (B).

If Dual Award Science or Core and Additional Science are offered, minimum required is BB (66).

Short courses not accepted; however, Level 2 BTEC qualifications are acceptable (at distinction grade or above) in lieu of one GCSE.


UCAT scores in approximately the top third of all results nationally, with Band 1/2 in SJT, normally required for interview if minimum academic requirements are met.

Candidates with Band 4 in SJT are rejected.

Applicants with SJT band 3 are welcome to apply, though priority given to applicants with Bands 1/2 in UCAT and holistic assessments.

Candidates with UCAT scores not in the top third of results nationally are included in holistic assessment, using all the information available e.g. GCSE grades, A-level profile, additional qualifications, NAI form.

Interview format: MMI

Personal statement not normally used.

Non-academic information form is sent to candidates ahead of interview.



No requirement for science subjects.

Excludes General Studies, Use of Mathematics, World Development, Communication and Culture and Critical Thinking.

No specific requirements


Threshold for interview based on total UCAT score.

Threshold may differ in each admission cycle as it is dependent on the scores achieved by those applicants who apply to this Medical School in the current cycle. The UCAT score is an integral part of the Newcastle admissions process. The A100 threshold for 2020 entry was 2730.

Interview format: MMI

Not used prior or at interview, read prior to offers being made but is not scored.

Norwich (UEA)


A Levels must include Biology/ Human Biology or Chemistry.

General Studies and Critical Thinking are not accepted.

Science A levels must include a pass in the practical element.

A level resits will be considered if a minimum of ABB/AAC is achieved in the first sitting over two consecutive years and predicted to achieve at least one A* in any subject where less than an A was achieved previously.

Minimum of six GCSE (or equivalent) passes at grade 7 to include Maths and either two single science subjects (Biology, Chemistry or Physics) and Double Science.

Science, Additional Science and Further Science GCSEs are accepted.

GCSE English Language grade 6/B is required.

Graduates are required to hold six GCSEs at grade 6 or grade B or above, including Mathematics, English Language and either two single science subjects (Biology, Chemistry or Physics) or Double Science.

Alternatively, Science, Additional Science and Further Science GCSEs are accepted.


No cut-off score, though high score is an advantage.

Low score does not disqualify an applicant from consideration.

The subsection scores may be used to rank the applicants for selection for interview.

The overall score is used alongside the interview score to rank and select applicants to whom an offer is made.

The SJT section score is included within the interview score.

Interview format: MMI

The personal statement is not scored but a commitment to studying medicine is expected



Must include Biology/ Human Biology and Chemistry.

Six subjects at grade 7 (A), studied together over a two year period.

If sciences are taken as individual subjects then 7 (A) is required in Biology and Chemistry, plus one of either physics or maths passed to grade 7 (A) with the other being grade 6 (B) and a minimum of grade 6 (B) in English Language.

Double science requires Grade 7,7 (A,A) and at least Grade 6 (B) in maths.


No fixed UCAT threshold score when selecting for interview as scores vary from year to year.

The UCAT threshold is set in combination with GCSE scores.

40 points available based on each section of UCAT, 16 points based on top 8 GCSEs.

Applicants with SJT band 4 are automatically rejected.

Interview format: MMI

Personal statements & references are assessed post-interview before issuing offers.

The personal statement is not scored.



Must be achieved in one sitting, to include Chemistry, plus at least one of Biology, Physics or Maths.

Excludes Critical Thinking or General Studies.

Number and proportion of passes at 8/9 (A*) are used with BMAT score in the first stage of shortlisting.


No formal cut-off.

Suggested that average applicants should work towards a 6 in sections 1-2.

Sections 1 and 2 receive greater weighting (40% each) than section 3 (20%).

Interview format: Traditional interview

Considered alongside all other aspects of the application.

Candidates may explain how they meet the selection criteria, which encompass academic fit and personal characteristics that relate to suitability for medicine.



Must include an A grade in Biology and A in one further science from Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and Psychology.

Third A Level can be any subject area including the humanities, languages, music, sport, science and the social sciences.

AAB offers are specifically for applicants coming from a Widening Participation background who meet contextual requirements.

Seven passes at grades A-C (9-4), including English language, Maths and either GCSE double award Science or two from single award Chemistry, Biology, or Physics.


UCAT for applicants with relevant Level 3 Qualifications (A Levels, Advanced Highers).

Overall UCAT threshold score for interview allocation – usually in region of 2400.

UCAT must be sat in year of application.

SJT not specified.

GAMSAT if Level 3 qualifications are more than 5 years old or if their current qualifications do not meet published requirements.

Interview format: MMI

Not scored

Queen’s Belfast


AAA and A in a fourth AS level subject including Chemistry plus at least one other from Biology/Maths/Physics.

Alternatively: A*AA at A level including Chemistry and Biology/ Human Biology.

Alternatively: A*AA at A level including Chemistry and either Maths/Physics and AS level Biology grade B.

Mathematics and either GCSE Physics or GCSE Double Award Science, minimum grades C/4 and CC/44, are required if subjects are not offered at AS-level or A-level.


Scored and used in conjunction with the GCSE score to rank for interview.

12.5% weight to UCAT, 87.5% weight to top 9 GCSEs.

4 points awarded for a grade 9, 3 points for a grade 7/8, 2 points for a grade 6 and 1 point for grades 4/5.

Interview format: MMI

Personal Statements are not scored. Personal statement should indicate commitment and motivation to Medicine.

Personal statements must be related to Medicine.



Must include Chemistry or Biology, and another science (Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Psychology), taken in one sitting.

Further Maths, Critical Thinking are General Studies not accepted.

Five subjects grade 7 (A).

Grade 6 (B) minimum in English Language, Maths and Science.

One resit allowed per GCSE & resits must be taken in one sitting.


Academic requirements AND UCAT above 2420 needed to get an interview.

SJT band considered for those applicants invited to interview.

Interview format: MMI

Not scored.

Insight into a career in medicine, work experience, volunteering and outside interests are explored via interview.



Must include Biology and one subject from Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Environmental Studies or Geography.

Pass in the practical examinations.

General Studies and Critical Thinking are not accepted.

No alternative offer with EPQ.

6 subjects in grade A (7) or above, including Mathematics, Biology and chemistry, OR Mathematics with Combined Science.

English language (or GCSE English) is required grade B/6.


SJT not used!

Applicants ranked by UCAT to determine who is invited to interview.

UCAT and interview performance used in allocation of offers.

Lowest UCAT receiving interview is ~2580.

Interview format: Assessment day

Personal statement used at interview to discuss non-academic criteria.

St Andrews


Must include Chemistry and one other of Biology, Maths or Physics.

Biology, Maths, or English not offered at A2/AS level must be obtained grade B (5).

A minimum of five A grades in GCSE, taken in one sitting, are required to be considered for interview.


Applicants ranked by UCAT score & top 400 applicants invited to interview.

Score of ~2400 usually required for interview.

UCAT score used to differentiate between borderline interview scores.

Interview format: MMI

Not scored, but applicants must have health-related work experience to be considered for interview.

St George’s University of London


Must include Chemistry and Biology / Human Biology.

General Studies and Key Skills are not accepted.

A minimum of five subjects at grade B (6) or above, including English Language, Maths and Science (Double or Triple Award).

GCSE resits are accepted.

GSCEs not required for graduate applicants.


SJT not used.

Threshold score for interview is ~2500.

Minimum of 500 in each section required.

Interview format: MMI

The personal statement is not scored.



Must be completed within two years, including Chemistry or Biology plus another any subject from: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths/Further Maths/Statistics and a third academic subject.

Maths or Further Maths or Statistics are considered as one subject.

Circumstances can influence offers given.

Five subjects at grade A (7), with a minimum of grade B (6) in English Language, Maths, and the Sciences (double or triple award).


Scores must be within top 8 deciles.

Applicants with SJT band 4 are not considered.

Interviews allocated based on UCAT, R&R, & academic requirements.

Interview format: MMI

Not assessed – roles and responsibilities form required.



Must include Biology and Chemistry.

Mathematics & English Language at grade B (6).

For UK-based students, a grade C (5) or equivalent in a modern foreign language is required.


No cut-off system, though average UCL applicant score is 4.8, 4.8. 3A.

Emphasis on section 3 of the BMAT, which can be discussed at interview.

Interview format: MMI

Personal statement is considered in selection process.

University of Central Lancashire


Must include Chemistry, an additional Science, and a third academic subject.

Grade B (6) required in English Language. Broad study of Science, Maths and English up to 16 years of age. No admissions test currently used.

Interview format: MMI

The personal statement, academic reference and transferable skills statement are used in selection of applicants for interview.