NHS Reservist

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The NHS Reservist programme is designed to provide support to the NHS during peak times and emergencies. NHS Reservists may be formed or retired healthcare professions, or work in a sector outside of the NHS with minimal healthcare experience. Regardless, reservists are keen to support their local NHS services and in turn keep their community healthy.

The NHS Reservist programme is also a great opportunity for those considering a career change. Perhaps you fancy a new career, or want to see what working in health and care is like? Becoming a reservist means you get to experience a range of NHS careers, allowing you to make a positive impact on your community in many different ways.

What Type of Role Can I Do?

NHS Reservist roles all depend on what is available at your local NHS organisation. Reservists have in the past supported Covid-19 and flu vaccination programmes, provided administrative support, or been a key pair of hands on a busy ward.


How Much Time Do I Need To Commit?

Reservists are required to work a certain amount of days per year for training and working as a reserve. This number is usually 30 days per year.

How Can I Become An NHS Reservist?

Different NHS organisations are at different stages in introducing their reservist programme. The requirements will differ between regions and hospitals, depending on their size and population.

To register an interest in becoming an reservist, please click here.