‘Step into Health’ – East of England Ambulance Service

The East of England Ambulance Service’s ‘Step into Health’ aims to support veterans and people leaving the Armed Forced into careers and roles within the ambulance service. Veterans and ex-servicemen and women have transferrable skill sets and the aptitude to work within a dynamic and diverse environment, and are able to make a tremendous impact within the communities the ambulance service serves.

What opportunities can I expect?

There are a host of opportunities available within the East of England Ambulance Service, and many of these do not require formal clinical qualifications. Careers are not limited to front-line roles, with opportunities available within maintenance, administration, finance, communications and management. Roles are also available within emergency operations centres as dispatchers or call handlers.

Who is eligible?

‘Step into Health’ is open to all service leavers, reservists, veterans and the families of all of these.

Further information of ‘Step into Health’ within the East of England Ambulance Service can be found here.

Reservist Commitments

The East of England Ambulance Service supports reservist commitments that many leavers have, through additional time-off and policy arrangements.