Our Support Offer

In Suffolk and North East Essex, we are passionate about supporting our local people to be the best they can be.

We want everyone to work in a job they love and our goal is to be the best area in Suffolk and North East Essex to work in by 2025.

Juniors and Teens


  • Provide the space to experience a working environment and learn valuable skills
  • Application and interview support, alongside developing employable skills valued across industries and sectors
  • Enriching the school curriculum to support students to understand the opportunities available in Health and Social Care r
  • Develop an awareness of career opportunities within Health and Social Care
  • Generate positive perceptions about roles and breaking down gender stereotypes


  • Helping people to understand what career choices are available to them within their local area
  • Supporting people to learn new skills
  • Giving people an opportunity to find out more about into working in Health and Social Care
  • Application Support, Employability Skills and Interview Support

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